CAN Animal Care launches Fixine for Equine in Australia

by Anthony Thomas 2 min read

The buzz

CAN Animal Care are very excited to be the sole distributors of New Zealand's leading equine probiotic supplement, Fixine for Equine.  Launched in early 2019, Fixine for Equine has become a firm favourite with professional and recreational Kiwi equestrians alike.  Our first shipment arrived this week and we are pleased to be able to offer this to people who have been asking for this in Australia.

What is it? 

A multistrain probiotic supplement combined with a naturally occurring toxin binder, Fixine for Equine is a blend of 6 individual bacteria and yeasts that have been selected to encourage growth and activity of ‘good’ gut microbes for optimising digestive capacity and feed utilisation.  What sets it apart from many other probiotics is that it is a live probiotic which hasn't been damaged by a freeze-drying process, promoting easy ingestion.  Added to this are the benefits of zeolite, a naturally occurring toxin binder to help manage mycotoxin removal from the digestive tract.

Who's using it?

As well as finding favour with recreational users in New Zealand since its launch, Fixine for Equine has also become popular with high profile equestrians such as New Zealand Olympian Matthew Grayling, and racing stables such as Nigel Tiley's successful Tiley Racing Stables.  Early interest from a number of professionals and recreational riders this side of the Tasman suggests Fixine for Equine will enjoy the same success here in Australia.

Who makes it?

Fixine for Equine is manufactured in New Zealand by Blue Pacific Minerals Ltd, who specialise in harnessing organic and synthetic liquid components to improve the health and wellbeing of both humans and animals while helping to protect the natural environment.

Where do I buy it?

You can buy directly from our online shop, or get in touch with us with trade enquiries at  Very soon, you will also be seeing Fixine for Equine appearing in your favourite retailers, stay tuned to our website details.  

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