Dr Stephanie Fenn BVSc/BVBiol, Australia

As a veterinarian and devoted show jumping rider, I know that my mare’s diet is critical to her performance. She can be a sensitive personality and since starting her on Fixine for Equine, her coat is gleaming, she has gained body condition and she is so relaxed at home and in the arena. I believe the key to her optimum health, is a balanced diet incorporating ad lib access to roughage and a scoop of Fixine each day. The Fixine helps optimise the absorption of nutrients and efficiency of her digestive tract.

Dr Stephanie Fenn

Taly Denaro, Australia

Since trying my horse on Fixine I will never look back! I had a few ongoing issues that I could never seem to get on top of with my horse. He always had scouring manure and nothing I tried ever seemed to rectify it, he was also super stressy under saddle and prone to ulcers I felt like I was forever fighting an uphill battle. His weight was also a massive struggle as he was a picky eater and nothing ever seemed to absorb. Since starting him on fixine I noticed changes within about a 2 week period. Now he has normal manure he is way more relaxed and happy within himself under saddle and in the paddock and his weight has picked up! I couldn’t recommend this enough to someone struggling with a tricky, stressy horse it has improved my horses appearance and demeanour out of sight!
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Tyla Hackett, Australia

I use and recommend Fixine. Gut health is paramount in having a healthy horse. My horses look good and feel even better thanks to Fixine. I wouldn’t feed anything else and recommend it to anyone struggling with the weight and any other health issues for their horse. Mine personally, suffered from Ulcers and by using Fixine has greatly reduced the inflammation and improved his all round health and well-being.
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Daneille Msbhvd Grumont, Australia

I have been feeding the recommended dose of Fixine to my Welsh Mountain pony who suffers from Insulin Resistance and is on a very strict diet to avoid laminitis. Since feeding Fixine my pony’s mood seems happier, he is no longer sore in the body and enjoys a good pat and a scratch when previously he would pin his ears back. He is also able to enjoy a bit more grass grazing time without any negative effects. I am a farrier and have seen the great growth effects it has on hishooves too; I have to trim them more regularly as they have extra healthy growth. Great product, highly recommend 
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Jennifer Rose Doherty, Australia

This product was introduced to me at my work. I don’t like adding things into my horses feeds but wow! The horses look and feel great on it. My thoroughbred mare is the one I’ve mainly noticed a difference on and I can not recommend this product enough!
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Ashleigh Campton, Australia

Fixine has honestly changed my whole relationship with my horse! Stomach and gut issues aren’t uncommon with off the track thoroughbreds and after trying other products on the market I can honestly say this has been a lifesaver for me. He has gone from incredibly girthy and touchy to the point of cow kicking even being groomed over his belly to now enjoying ridden work and being incredibly happy and content out in the paddock. He has started to finally fill out and is easilygaining muscle. I truly cannot recommend this product enough
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Laura Harwood, Australia

I think this is the stuff everyone has been waiting for! Really good for any sort of horse in any sort of work, any age, any condition.
Personally I feed it to my old rocket ship mare and it’s calmed her and taken the bolt feeling away when I ride her, also feed it to my laminitis prone mare and found she can be on grass at lot longer and eat more lucern no worries. Also she was very lazy but now she has plenty of Cool energy and more endurance for rides.
Beautiful coat and healthy feet is also a bonus!!
I have been looking for a supplement like this forever!! It really covers just about everything. Healthy gut= healthy , happy horse!!!
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Nigel Tiley, Trainer, New Zealand

Since introducing Fixine for Equine daily to our horses' feed, I have noticed a significant reduction in waste feed and a very healthy digestive system.  These go hand-in-hand with happier horses and better recovery from their workload.  In these uncertain economic times it gives me peace of mind to know that we are adding a cost-effective supplement for our owners and benefiting from its results.

Nigel Tiley

Pinebrook Harness Racing, New Zealand

We have been using Fixine on our horses in New Zealand for about 12 months. Almost instantly we noticed a major change in their coat and overall well-being. They look fantastic and the whole team have been racing really well. Fixine is a major part of our horses day to day feeding plan and we wouldn’t use anything else. Being able to purchase Fixine in Australia has meant that our horses can travel over the Tasman with the best supplement around

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Debbie Barke, Instructor and Breeder, New Zealand

I have been using Fixine for Equine for over a year now on my competition and breeding horses and have continued to feel that the benefits of this product are varied and hugely beneficial to all horses.

Because we run a big team, effectiveness and value for money are always a major factor in my choices and I am not a believer in multiple supplements - quality and as-near-to-what-nature-intended is our philosophy. 

Fixine for Equine has complemented our feeding regime, with horses settled, thriving and their coats gleaming - healthy guts, healthy horses!  My broodmares look amazing and have foaled and recovered very well.

Fixine for Equine is the only gut and toxin binder product we use and two of our competition horses have had gastric ulcer scopes in the last year as they are the temperament “types” to have ulcers and both mares had zero indication of gastric ulcers.  I believe that is due to our quality and natural simplicity feeding and management of horses - Fixine for Equine will always be part of that.  

Debbie Barke

Grant Bennett, Milan Park Stud, Cambridge, New Zealand

We have been using the Fixine for Equine for 12 months now at Milan Park, and found it be extremely beneficial to our spelling racehorses and weaning yearlings. We are feeding less feed and the horses are carrying more condition with bright, healthy coats.  We have found also that nervy, stressful horses have calmed significantly and Fixine for Equine also seems to be a great aid to horses that suffer from grass staggers.  Fixine is now an essential part of all our horses' diet.

Grant Bennett, Stud Manager

Jackie Giesen, New Zealand

Just wanted to let you know how it’s going with the Fixine! To say I’m amazed is an understatement!!  This product has changed everything for my mare, we’ve had issues with excess faecal water for about 8 months and nothing helped.  It was so hard going to shows and knowing she’d have poo water on her legs and there was nothing to help it!  We changed paddocks, took her off grass, on more grass, changed hay, changed feeds, no supplements and more supplements but no change!

Fixine for Equine is absolutely amazing, after 3 days there was no more faecal water!  None at all!!  I’ve gone from cleaning her bum and legs twice daily to not cleaning them at all!!  She no longer has to have multiple tail bags!!

I just can’t believe how much it helps and I’m not spending hundreds of dollars!  Previously any sort of vitamins and minerals (even just magnesium) would make her worse, as would a complete feed.  Now she’s eating normal feed and still no issues!  I have now started my other horse on it because I love the results!!

Thank you so much for recommending the product and taking the time to email me more information and answering questions!  I will be recommending this product to everyone !

Jackie Giesen 

Claire Simpson / Don Walker, Owner/Trainers, International Show  Judge/Tutor, Judge/Grade 1 Judge, New Zealand

My partner and I usually have around 10 horses on our Karaka property.  They are all thoroughbreds ranging from yearlings, two-year-olds, three-year-olds, broodmares, a show hack, and two 24-year-old retirees.   All are on daily feeds which include Fixine for Equine.  

We always get comments from other trainers when they return to work on how much condition they have gained and we believe since they have been on Fixine they have flourished.  The thoroughbred show hack has certainly improved as his manure is no longer spread around the box and is much firmer and his weight gain has improved.  It's a highly effective and economical product that we endorse.

Claire Simpson

Clare Friedlander, Allander Acres Sport Horses, Hamilton, New Zealand

Fixine has become a daily supplement ALL our horses are given.  I highly recommend this product.  From reduced sensitivity’s & skin photo-sensitivity to coat condition & visible improvement in hoof health has just been outstanding!  The gut health has also improved, with the change in seasons we have not had to increase feed for our horses & all the horses are maintaining their weight and excellent condition. 

I have also supplied some trial packs to a couple of friends with horses who were having difficulties with grass sensitivity’s & all have reported excellent results. 

Best yet this is a very cost effective product so perfect for anyone with a large team of horses! 

Clare Friedlander

Ruth Carlyle / Russell Higgins, Brumby Farm Horsemanship Centre, Te Awamutu, New Zealand

We have lots of horses coming through our doors for training and clinics, and in particular two personal horses that struggle with grass staggers and hind gut issues.  From the first few days of feeding it to our five personal horses I noticed a difference in their droppings.  They were much more solid and even the two that are affected by the grass were normal. 

I stopped feeding expensive toxin binders and I have not noticed any difference since feeding Fixing instead so already it has saved us over $400 in supplements!  I have also put all the young horses that come for starting on it since the Waikato grass can be a struggle and they have all done very well and maintained great condition. 

Ruth Carlyle

Ana and Tors Rattray, Cheleken Equestrian, Mangatangi, New Zealand

We love Fixine for Equine in our feed programme as it supports such a wide spectrum of issues horses come across in competition, training or breeding situations.  We have “rocket fuel” Waikato grass and during high growth periods Fixine is invaluable for levelling out the effects of high sugars and keeps the lid on that dreaded “grassy behaviour”.

 All our competition horses, young stock, and broodmares are on Fixine.  It compliments their existing quality diet, making it more cost effective due to better feed utilisation.  New arrivals to our barn also benefit from the probiotics while changing diet and pasture, and those more sensitive to stress e.g travel / changes in routine seem consistently more settled with obvious signs of improved gut health 

Fixine is super affordable and you can see visible benefits.  It’s definitely earned a permanent place in our feed room!

Ana and Tors Rattray


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