About us

CAN Animal Care is a young Australian company with a simple purpose: To promote the best animal health and performance through natural, functional products. We are dedicated to sourcing the finest natural products, worldwide, for you and your horse.

Why have we done this?

Our small and experienced team have decades of experience in racing and high performance equine care. We are horse owners and riders ourselves and understand your desire to avoid the use of harsh chemicals when caring for your beloved family, animals and their environment. At the heart of our purpose is the desire to understand equine health and care for horses in the best and most natural way possible.

Our first product is Fixine for Equine, a probiotic blend combined with a naturally occurring toxin binder developed in New Zealand.

This product has been an outstanding success in New Zealand with both professional riders and recreational horse owners alike. We are proud to have been selected to market this product in Australia.

We will continue to work with animal behaviourists, nutritionists, veterinarians and researchers around the world to identify and bring you many more quality products in the future.