When probiotics are most beneficial

Not unlike humans, horses may face a degree of stress from everyday environments such as interactions with humans or other horses, transitioning between pasture and indoor environments, or climatic changes.  Even small amounts of stress can adversely impact the viability of an animal's good microorganism population.  

Probiotics can support a horse's digestive system on a daily basis to help boost the number of natural microorganisms available for regular digestion and help promote overall health. 

Probiotics can also be particularly helpful in promoting overall health in times of acute stress, such as: 

  • High intensity situations (competition, transportation)
  • Sudden change of environment and/or diet
  • Long periods of time without feed
  • High grain diets that lead to low hind gut pH levels
  • Weaning
  • Exposure to adverse weather conditions, including cold and heat stress 

If your horse is experiencing persistent problems as a result of acute stress, we recommend you contact your veterinarian​.