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Introducing Fixine for Equine

Fixine® is used to maintain body condition and improve immune status among other positive outcomes.

  • Fixine® has the added benefit of Kemin® CLOSTAT® probiotics. Kemin has identified and selected Bacillus subtilis PB6 as an active substance that helps maintain the balance of microflora in the intestinal tract of an array of animals - including horses. This helps with the maintenance and productivity of healthy animals. Kemin has more than 200 internal research and development (R&D) documents referencing PB6 trial work. 

  • Fixine® has the added benefit of Diamond V®Original XPC™ Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Diamond V®Original XPC™ products represent “the one-and-only original” in the field of fermentation products for animal nutrition and health. Validated by extensive peer-reviewed research. Original products continue to provide the best return on investment in the market today. In terms of the equine performance of horses, Diamond V has been shown to affect the nutrients digestibility, nitrogen retention (higher protein digestibility) and exercise parameters. Research results have shown that the inclusion of Diamond V in horse diets increases digestible energy by improving the nutrients’ digestibility.
  • Fixine® has the added benefit of ButiPEARL™ encapsulated butyric acid. The unique encapsulation technology used ensures that the target nutrients are released slowly throughout the entire intestinal tract of the horse. Delivery of butyric acid to the small intestine can improve the tight junctions, strengthening the intestinal barrier with up regulation of tight junction proteins. By strengthening the barrier and aiding in barrier recovery, encapsulated butyric acid can reduce the negative impact of environmental and pathogenic challenges.

Fixine Helps with:

• Coat, skin and hoof conditioning
• Promoting a healthy gastric system
• Promoting beneficial bacterial flora in the gut
• Recovery from work, injury and stress
• Supports changes in diet or grazing conditions
• Supports stress from long-distance travel


• Suitable for horses  and foals
• Blended ready-to-use
• Supports healthy populations of good bacteria
• Increases nutrient  feed conversion
• Maintains coat, skin and hoof condition
• Provides support when the horse is under stress with gut or intestinal issues 

For more information:

• Organic NZ zeolite in the form of Optimate™
• Diamond V® OriginalXPC™ Saccharomyces cerevisiae
• Kemin CLOSTAT® Bacillus subtilis PB6
• ButiPEARL™ encapsulated butyric acid

Typical active probiotics CFU per 100gm dose is 7 billion at the time of blending.

Fixine for Equine is a powder which may be fed as a free choice feed by blending with other dry feed or sprinkled on hay, based on the following directions:

Horses & Ponies: 15 - 20gm / 100kg liveweight / day (100gm / 500Kg horse/day). For reference, a half cup is equivalent to 80gm of product.

Foals: 30gm per day

During times of illness or stress, feed at double rate. If problems persist, contact your veterinarian.

Customer Reviews

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Deanna Nguyen
Gut Alchemy ( magic in a bag )

I have spent thousands on my horses health care, so of the top brands make all sorts of claims a rarely deliver. In comes Fixine to literally save the day, True health begins in the gut and Fixine for equine has it nailed. My 4 horses are on this amazing journey and I have never been happier with the results , they were almost immediate, glowing coats , happy gut sounds , one of my mares had loose stools for months due to change of location and water quality. All cleared up within days due to Fixine. Top quality gut care without the inflated price tag.
Thank you Ant, thank you Fixine 🙏

Sue Taylor
Fixine, the miracle powder.

I had pretty much given up on my horse, I have tried virtually every thing known to man, it would help for a short time and then he would revert back to being arrogant, spooky, not eating etc. My best friend stumbled across a review on Fixine and thought we'd give it a go.....oh my God the change in my boy has been nothing short of a miracle!
No more spooking at dusk when I bring him in, no more picky eating and he has a kind and relaxed expression on his face and in his eyes.

Nikki Shegog
First Time User

Am happy to find a supplement suitable for our large stud however getting the horse to eat it has been a challenge. We’ve used molasses and water to thoroughly dampen feeds but somehow they still leave it. So if there’s a trick to getting them to eat it I’d love to hear it

Deanna Nguyen
The intimate Gut care supplement

I saw almost immediate results in all four of my horses, we have very rich wet pasture through the winter months which equals runny manure. Fixine literally fixed the issue in a matter of a week. I will be a returning happy customer for many years to come.


Started feeding after my pony had been treated for ulcers, he’s now looking and going amazing!

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